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Understanding the Usage Of Xbox Live Gold Membership

When you are using XBox Live to play games and use media through your XBox 360, there is a time when you may want to make purchases within the XBox Live environment.

This could be paying your XBox Live subscription fees, buying music or video content, buying downloadable content for your games, or purchasing new games. If you don’t want to pay then get free Xbox Live codes from here.

XBox has its own currency system you can use to do this, known as Microsoft points. You can buy Microsoft points directly through the XBox system, but you need to use a credit or debit card to do this.

How To Buy

  • If you want credit to buy Xbox Live codes without having to register or use a card, then the best way to get it is to redeem XBox Live codes.
  • XBox Live codes are essentially a way of pre-paying for credit, much like when you buy a top up for your mobile phone or your iTunes account.
  • You can buy them at some retailers or online, and then you simply enter the code in the XBox Live interface to redeem the code for the equivalent value in Microsoft Points. You can then spend the free Xbox Live Codes as usual, and buy whatever you want from the XBox Live stores.
  • XBox Live codes are a perfect way to prepay for your XBox Live credit and are also a good idea if you don’t have access to a credit card or debit card you can use with the XBox Live system, for example, if you are under 18.

Benefits Of Xbox Live Code Generator

The other benefit of them is that they can be bought and given as gifts quickly. If you know someone plays XBox a lot and want to buy them a game but you don’t know what they already have or want. You can purchase XBox Live codes they can redeem and choose whatever they want.


xbox gold code generator

For many avid gamers the world over, Xbox One holds a special significance. With the ultimate in the gaming experience and audiovisual quality, an Xbox video game is considered by many to be way ahead compared to games available on other consoles as such.

Manufactured by Microsoft, Xbox 360 has a towering presence in the genre of gaming consoles. The nearest competitors for Xbox One being Nintendo’s Wii and PlayStation 4 by Sony. A unique feature of Xbox One is that it is available with an inbuilt system called Xbox Live.

This feature of Xbox Live enables gamers to play against each other in free online Xbox 360 games in a multiplayer scenario. With the immense popularity of Xbox 360, there has been much interest in Xbox game price as well.

People who contemplate purchasing Xbox 360 often make inquiries about free Xbox Live codes and Xbox 360 game price before purchasing the gaming console.


Xbox 360 is indeed the choice of many where it comes to gaming consoles. Launched in the market in 2005, Xbox One is an upgrade on the earlier model by Microsoft which was entitled Xbox.

There are many kinds of an Xbox One video game available today, and Xbox Live Gold membership price is a much-discussed topic among gamers. The best source for 12 months Gold membership is to use Xbox Live code generator. From action to strategy and from racing games to games based on other popular sports; there is a Xbox 360 video game available for almost everyone.


Final Words

Xbox 360 is generally considered as one of the most popular gaming consoles available today. With high resolution in visuals and unmatched sound quality, it is hardly any wonder that many prefer an Xbox One video game over games on any other consoles as such.

While the Internet provides many options in free Xbox Live codes without surveys, there are also many Gamers that inquiry into Xbox  game price to purchase the complete version of the particular game.


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